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10 of Swords, 10 of Spades



Satoshi might be saying staring down The 9 of Binary card:

''Bitcoin might be going to Zero! But Shitcoins surely will!''

Distributing your efforts too broadly can be counterproductive and burdensome. Altcoins, sometimes derogatorily referred to as Shitcoins, often entice you through ICOs, staking, NFTs, liquidity farming, games, and more. However, do they serve a real purpose or have a practical use case? It's crucial to identify your goal. Your transformation is driven by hard work and the aspiration to attain tangible success. Stay focused. Concentrate your investments on Bitcoin and you will reap rewards in the end. Avoid distractions as they can lead to downfall!


The 10 of Binary tarot card, when viewed through the lens of finance in the Bitcoin world, presents a stark perspective of hitting rock bottom and the feeling of giving up in the midst of market turbulence and uncertainty.

Rock Bottom: The 10 of Binary reflects a challenging moment in the cryptocurrency landscape, symbolizing a period in June 2022 when Terra Luna, a once-promising project, plummeted to zero. It's a stark reminder of the inherent volatility and risks associated with the cryptocurrency market. The card illustrates a sense of despair and disillusionment as some projects crumble, and investors face significant losses.

Market Turbulence: The mention of Celsius halting withdrawals and the search for $12 billion in client assets adds to the sense of turmoil and uncertainty. These events depict a crypto market in crisis, where trust and financial stability are called into question. The card acknowledges the harsh realities of market dynamics, where even established platforms can falter.

The Bear Market: The card alludes to the broader bear market affecting the cryptocurrency space. With thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation, it's acknowledged that not all will survive the tumultuous market conditions. This period may be characterized by widespread price declines, regulatory challenges, and increased scrutiny, leading many projects to fade into obscurity.

Focus on Bitcoin: Despite the challenges and setbacks depicted in the card, there is a message of resilience and hope. The card advises individuals to focus on Bitcoin, emphasizing its enduring strength and position as the pioneer and leader in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin represents a store of value and a beacon of stability in a volatile market.

The Bitcoin Standard: The card suggests that aligning with the Bitcoin standard, whether through investment or active involvement in the Bitcoin ecosystem, is a path to potential long-term rewards. It signifies a commitment to the principles of decentralization, financial autonomy, and trust in the resilience of Bitcoin.

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