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10 of Pentacles, 10 of Coins, 10 of Diamonds



Satoshi might be saying unicycling on a tight rope through the air in The 10 of Bitcoin card:

You are surrounded by the influence of spiritual and material blessings. Create financial abundance and end up with large sum of money.



The 3 legged stool approach came from the Franklin Roosevelt era. It is based on the state and a lifelong commitment of work to secure your retirement.

In this vision the retirement sources of income have often been compared to a three-legged stool. The first leg of the stool is Social Security. The second leg is your employer's retirement plan. And the third leg is your personal savings. Here the vision is based on your own personal hard work for getting a few good years before dying. This vision answers to you personal fears and tries to create an insurance for your last few years of life.

But there is another generational old legacy system school of thoughts that also refer to the 3 legged stool. And he it is about multi generational wealth building.

Studies looking at family fortunes that last more than 300 years show a distinct pattern.

They all invested in 3 different categories which are:

  • Real estate

  • Collectible

  • Rare metals

This tree categories refer to the 3 legged stool investment for generational wealth.

If you are part of the old legacy system school of thoughts you will want to follow this by acquiring properties, collecting rare art, and collecting enough in precious metals to at least pay for state taxes on your properties for the coming years.

As a beginner investor, you would want to own your house, and get enough gold to pay for your house bills for 5 years. Why gold? because gold is real money. If the $ inflates your gold allocation will go up in value the same. So you are hedging yourself. (against money printing, war, currency devaluation)

Now Satoshi rising on an unicycle is the same concept but bring Bitcoin as the best rarest collectible that you can own. So instead of owning your house, some bitcoin and enough gold. You only need Bitcoin as it is as much a property, a collectible and gold.

You can start buying Bitcoin as property. Bitcoin is taxed as digital property in the United States. You can lend your Bitcoin as you would rent a room in your house with Defi, and you can start doing it for as little as a few dollars. Whereas for a real house you would need 10 of thousands of dollars.

Then Bitcoin is also a collectible with only 21 Million of it. Not all millionaire could actually buy a whole Bitcoin if they wanted. With 60 million millionaires on earth each would only get as fraction of a Bitcoin. It is mathematically shown that there is 0.003 bitcoin for each of the 7 billion people on earth. But with people already owning most of the available Bitcoin it is said that if you have 0.28 Bitcoin you will be set for life by 2040. That is 10 thousand dollar investment in the time of writing, May 4 2022.

Then Bitcoin is also gold, digital gold. It has all the qualities of gold and then more. No carrying inconveniences. No surprising discovery of gold that would kill the price. Can be sent in seconds on a Sunday night across the world for a fraction of a banking fee.

So in Satoshi world you only would need to purchase some Bitcoin to satisfy the Three legged stool old legacy system 300 years family wealth.

Bitcoin is the apex monetary warrior. Nothing can compete against it.

This article is not financial advice, do your own research.


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