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2 of Hearts



Satoshi might be feeling as he converts cash to Bitcoin on the Bitcoin machine in the Bitcoin Café in The 2 of cups card:

Shit! still got some cash, got to go the the Bitcoin café to convert it into Bitcoin ASAP!

I am creating the space, the Bitcoin café, for me and everybody to meet and connect. This way I can create an intimate relationship and close friends, no matter our financial means, from Shrimps to Whales.

I got to embrace my community.

The Bitcoin café represents all the ways you have as a Bitcoiner to meet up. Beside the online presence which is vast, there are conferences, meet ups, working at a Bitcoin related company and much more. The Bitcoin café is a representation of living on the Bitcoin standard.


In the Bitcoin world all Bitcoin owners are referred to a different kind of sea creature.

But what kind of BTC sea creature are you?

  • If you own less than a Bitcoin, sorry to break it to you, you are at the very bottom of the subaquatic food chain – a humble SHRIMP.

  • If you own anything between 1 & 10 BTC, you get claws, and can be classed as a CRAB.

  • Eight-limbed OCTOPUSE hold between 10 and 50 BTC.

  • While you can consider yourself a FISH if you hold between 50 and 100 BTC.

  • But to really move up the food chain, you will need anywhere between 100-500 BTC for much-coveted DOLPHIN status.

  • Things start sounding truly badass when you get to the 500-1,000 bracket, however: This is when you become an official Bitcoin SHARK.

  • Above that is the apex: +1,000 BTC is the WHALE status. But it turns out that even whales have a hierarchy, too.

  • To truly rule supreme over the seas, you will need over 5,000 BTC, which grants you premium HUMPBACK status.


Equality means to have the same opportunity for all.

More than 4 Billions people are unbanked in the world. Opening a bank account to have financial opportunity requires, identity papers, a fix address, paying bills, having a job, or a guarantor. Then you need to have a bank around the corner. Even if you succeed doing all this, accounts with less than $100 of value around the world are paying percentage wide, the highest fees. Sometimes up to a third more. It is unsustainable.

So how can they prosper?

The power of the economy comes from lending. Creating pure money out of thin air.

How can that be fair, and equal? If 4 billions people do not have access to it.

Then the cantillion effect praises to be close to the President and Congress.

Richard Cantillon born in the 1680's had a theory in which the beneficiaries of the state creating the currency is based on the institutional setup of that state. This essentially means, “he who was close to the king and the wealthy” receives the most, while citizens get very little.

Again where is the equality, when huge corporations benefits to the detriment of the people. The argument being if companies do well then people will to. Sure, this might be true in theory, but other a certain time span companies that are not competitive gets bailed out, receive incentives and subventions, which clutters the work market. A free market would destroy after a certain time span all dinosaurs and allow new more adaptive business to strive. Keeping old companies afloat to the benefices of the people then does just not kills the corporations but the whole economic system. Because after all governments do not make money, corporations do. So the all system is flipped on its head.

A country printing more money is like a river, which runs and winders about in its bed, will not flow with double the speed when the amount of water is doubled. But will dry it out of all its resources. As Governments do not make money this explains the incentive for governments to go to war to replenish its coffers outside its borders.

So how can Bitcoin create universal financial equality?

Surely it is not in the measurement of wealth. Some will have more and others less.

But if you could bring on the financial scene 4 Billion people. Give them the equal banking opportunity. If we could benefit from a new form of Cantillon effect. Then it might be possible.

With a cell phone you can get a cold wallet, and acquire Bitcoin and join the community. No papers, no authorization needed, No bank to satisfy.

Read about Argentina, Venezuela, Nigeria, Turkey, Lebanon,(in just the last few years) were local currency crashed, and people lost everything. In need people turned to Bitcoin. Hard Money. No need to go to a bank. All transactions done on your phone.

Bitcoin is you Becoming the bank. You are part owner of the infrastructure as if you are a shareholder of a company. Owning Bitcoin you contribute through transactions in securing the blockchain and as more people join you elevate your status. Life becomes cheaper.

That is the power of the Bitcoin Cantillion effect. The power of its community!


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