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  • Michael F. Gilbourne


3 of Swords, 3 of Spades



Satoshi might be saying walking through the 3 of Binary card:

I am learning how to leave the past behind that I can not control and how to express my creative energy without becoming stressed or unhealthy in the process.


Necessity to leave the legacy system behind us as it kills freedom to create a more equal decentralized financial world. The Bitcoinization of earth.

The birds of Freedom and peace have been killed. Time to move on. Find another way!

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin right after the 2008 financial crisis. Institutions got bailed out, but not the people. Satoshi, said "Never again!"

In the image Satoshi sees the white papers at the horizon. He is walking through the Binary door, walking into his new imagined world. A world that would change economics and finance forever. A world where people own their financial rights and freedom, rather than be given to them by governments and corporations. At the end, people are the only real thing that exist, not fictitious governments or corporations. These are entities suppose to be to the service of the people. But have become so big, they prioritize profit and self survival as opposed to the human ethics and common sense. We became the product rather than being served by them.

So there are many different ways to open your own gates to freedom. Here a several keys that can open that door.

First in your mind, I'd like you to picture a door. The door is heavy, cold, and dense. It’s made of metres-thick steel, and is set into a wall made of impenetrable granite stone. Behind the door is your new life of total and absolute freedom. Freedom to choose where and when you work – or not to work. The ability to move between international borders at will, and to decide where in the world you make your home. The power to choose how much tax you pay, and to what government you choose to pay it to. And the ability to weather any financial storm or global crisis, no matter how bad the world's economic situation becomes. In the centre of this heavy steel door are four locks. And each of these locks needs a different key to open it. The first key is made of personal responsibility, and it represents your ability to earn an independent income. This key is so essential, that without it, it’s very difficult, or maybe even impossible, to acquire any of the others. The second key is made of tenacity, a attribute known for its durability. It represents unlocking global citizenship, and the ability to call the entire planet your home.

The third key has been forged from knowledge, one of the world’s strongest resources as knowledge can make you strive away where. This key represents your ability to unlock robust structures designed to protect your wealth. Structures like offshore companies, digital banking, and intelligent tax configurations to legally lower your taxable income. And finally, the last key is made from Digital gold. Bitcoin. This key represents learning to wisely Dollar cost average and grow your assets to safeguard yourself from any future eventuality with the hardest, strongers, smarter, faster money in existence. For many people, the door will unlock with only one key (Bitcoin). Others might find all the keys. It all depends on what your personal goals around freedom are.

"I am trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You are the one that has to walk through it"

Rhineheart, The Matrix

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