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3 of Hearts



Satoshi might be feeling chilling at the beach in The 3 of Cups card:


In the Bitcoin world all Bitcoin owners are referred to a different kind of sea creature.

But what kind of BTC sea creature are you?

  • If you own less than a Bitcoin, sorry to break it to you, you are at the very bottom of the subaquatic food chain – a humble SHRIMP.

  • If you own anything between 1 & 10 BTC, you get claws, and can be classed as a CRAB.

  • Eight-limbed OCTOPUSE hold between 10 and 50 BTC.

  • While you can consider yourself a FISH if you hold between 50 and 100 BTC.

  • But to really move up the food chain, you will need anywhere between 100-500 BTC for much-coveted DOLPHIN status.

  • Things start sounding truly badass when you get to the 500-1,000 bracket, however: This is when you become an official Bitcoin SHARK.

  • Above that is the apex: +1,000 BTC is the WHALE status. But it turns out that even whales have a hierarchy, too.

  • To truly rule supreme over the seas, you will need over 5,000 BTC, which grants you premium HUMPBACK status.

You find that definite inequality in the Keynesian vs the Austrian economic system.

The Keynesian allows for the printing of money and debt creation out of thin air. It therefore allows for the inequality in the law as the opportunities are not equal. Corporations and people close to power are not governed under the same set of rules. Also debt piles up, at the end it is always the people that get to repay the debt, not corporations or governments.

In Austrian economic debt can only be taken against collateral, no new money is created out of thin air. The books are balanced. Balance for the people and balanced for the state. Both play equally. The law is not on a ladder system. The law is the same for all.

The Keynesian economics system is the biggest Ponzi skim ever. Run by the governments, protected by other branches, like the police force and the army. Sounds a lot like a Mob, with weapons to protect themselves. Thank God for the second Amendment.

A country printing more money is like a river, which runs and winders about in its bed, will not flow with double the speed when the amount of water is doubled. But will dry it out of all its resources.As government do not make money, this explains the incentive for governments to go to war to replenish its coffers outside its borders.

Think of it, your currency has no value these days. Banks give you no interest on your cash. They do not need to, when central banks fund them and they can create loans with no collateral. They are playing monopoly with limitless cash. Whereas we are due to follow the rules. That $1 equal $1. But they can add as many zero to there $1.

The solution is to separate the currency from the government. Let the government runs the country but defund them.

People create the GDP, not governments. To each its place.

Bitcoin runs on an Austrian economical system. The ledger is transparent, all transactions are public knowledge since the beginning.

That is where as people we equally have the power to create more peace on earth. Bitcoin is a silent revolution, where instead of voting at the booth for elections, the real meaningful consequential vote happens on a daily basis to whom you choose to go in business with.

As people take back there responsibility using Bitcoin you defund governments. Governments will not be able to fight 70 years long wars. Liquidity would dry out very quickly. War would have to be precis, timely and necessary and of last resources.

Our system has been upside down for so long, we have lost our common sense. We have been lied for so long, we just chastise the biggest liar, and do it ourselves to survive. Bitcoin has the real power to put the upside down system that we have right back up.

And the change. The silent revolution passes by YOU. The only person that has your own best interest is YOU. Bitcoin empowers YOU to dream, to plan, to create.

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