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4 of Hearts



Satoshi might be feeling observing the world in The 4 of Cups card:

I create stability in my life.

Home and family brings satisfaction and security.


In the Bitcoin world all Bitcoin owners are referred to a different kind of sea creature.

But what kind of BTC sea creature are you?

  • If you own less than a Bitcoin, sorry to break it to you, you are at the very bottom of the subaquatic food chain – a humble SHRIMP.

  • If you own anything between 1 & 10 BTC, you get claws, and can be classed as a CRAB.

  • Eight-limbed OCTOPUSE hold between 10 and 50 BTC.

  • While you can consider yourself a FISH if you hold between 50 and 100 BTC.

  • But to really move up the food chain, you will need anywhere between 100-500 BTC for much-coveted DOLPHIN status.

  • Things start sounding truly badass when you get to the 500-1,000 bracket, however: This is when you become an official Bitcoin SHARK.

  • Above that is the apex: +1,000 BTC is the WHALE status. But it turns out that even whales have a hierarchy, too.

  • To truly rule supreme over the seas, you will need over 5,000 BTC, which grants you premium HUMPBACK status.

Which world do you want to live in?

Victimhood, centralized and depressed


of responsibility, decentralized, and Self-sovereignty?

Time to contemplate your options!

One way to follow to find answers is by having a daily contemplative practice.

Contemplation is the practice of being fully present—in heart, mind, and body—to what is in a way that allows you to creatively respond and work toward what could be.

For many, contemplation is prayer or meditation, a daily practice of deep listening to better connect with ourselves and divine love.

Contemplation is also the art of daydreaming. It allows you to tap into your pure potential. Connects you to the universal Mind. As you are fully in the present moment conscious but unthinking. Or better with a blank mind. A busy mind does not have space, the mind always being too busy. But with an empty mind, the Universal consciousness has finally the space to download within you. You are listening to the Divine, or call it however you want, Nature, the One, The Universal force. It always is talking to us, But with a busy mind, we never listen.

In short, contemplation might be described as entering a deeper silence and letting go of our habitual thoughts, sensations, and feelings in order to connect to a truth greater than ourselves.

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