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Satoshi might be feeling sitting on a branch with his loved one in The 4 of Wand card:

I created stability and satisfaction in my life. Achieving peace of mind and contentment transforms me. I live on the bitcoin standard and feel satisfied.


At the end of the day, we should all be able to celebrate!

We have so many reasons to be happy.

Sure, Sometimes it takes a bit longer to find reasons. But it is a great practice!

What are you happy about right now?

What could you find to celebrate right now!

Celebration is a state of mind as much as a consequence of a good outcome.

The "good" is so relative to our state of mind. And one can always find a reason to wanting more and be disappointed.

I personally take the time to pad myself on the back each time life makes me smile. Not so much as a narcissistic person but as a content one that worked hard and smart and got great advancement.

Then I like to share the happy moment and celebrate with my loved ones. Who does not like to celebrate?

Then also if you do not do it to yourself, who else would celebrate you? If we have to wait for family, love ones, friends or else, we might wait for a long time. Sounds sad as waiting creates expectations and then remorse.

What will you choose?

It is our responsibility to celebrate!

Happiness comes from within!

I like to celebrate each time I buy Sats!

One might say, you bought Bitcoin but the price went down. What are you celebrating about?

I am celebrating:

  • The Freedom

  • Shift in philosophies

  • Living on the Bitcoin standard

  • Working on a lower time preference

  • Living my values

  • Defunding the state and the bank

  • My Self-Sovereignty

  • Creating a more equal place for all

  • Owning my keys

  • Investing in a better future

It is up to you to add to this list. We are all different and have all different goals. But if seeing the Bitcoin price going down puts you in a bad mood, maybe you do not understand the philosophical stance and principals behind Bitcoin. Maybe you FOMOed in with all your life savings and took too much risk. Maybe it is the time to do more research and understand more what Bitcoin is.

Personally if the price goes down, I DCA and buy the deep and celebrate!


Hopefully the Sats I bought on the deep was not the sats you sold on an emotional outburst. This is no financial advice, but one should never invest funds that they need to live life. Making a 4 year plan to DCA into Bitcoin is the best, maybe just investing 5% of your total net worth.

This way you can keep your emotions in check. Also knowing that after 4 years no one has lost on a bitcoin trade, projecting your DCA is the best way to be ahead. Slow and steady.

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