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6 of Hearts



Satoshi might be feeling looking back at his childhood memories in The 6 of cups card:

Life challenges I face will has a lot to do with showing me the results of my past actions among those that are closest to me.

By listening to my inner voice, I find my special purpose in life that will direct me to the highest occupation.

Our inner child new it all! One does not need to live life to find life's solutions. But one needs to learn to nurture one's inner child, that gentle, innocent, and wise part of yourself that has always been within you.


In some ways the blockchain is build in the present. Live in the present. Hip hop another block. Like a clock there goes another block. The blockchain can not go back in the past. There is no time for nostalgia. Its history is written and cannot be unwritten. You will only find the pure truth looking at its past. Indelibility.

Victorious people, organizations and countries can no rewrite the past to their victorious biases egotistical delusions.

I am flabbergasted by news articles calling Bitcoin a digital currency used by the villain. As their is no hiding with a decentralized blockchain. As its ledger is an open book for all to read.

On the other hand the US dollar is the murkiest at best. Cash being untraceable. And booking keeping being abled to be altered at anyone's wishes.

We live in an upside down world.

The bitcoin ledger takes the cheating out, brings us back to a more nurturing, peaceful world.

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