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7 of Pentacles, 7 of Coins, 7 of diamonds


WHAT The Initiate, Satoshi, might express while interpreting the 7 of Bitcoin card:

"I am striving to eliminate fear regarding my financial situation and to have faith in the universe's abundance. I am grateful for all that I possess. I am realizing that prosperity is a state of mind and that expressing gratitude attracts wealth."

Do you lead your life with a preference for delayed gratification, as opposed to seeking immediate rewards?

While the latter may seem appealing, it can often trap you in an endless cycle of short-term pursuits. By embracing a lower time preference, where rewards are not instantaneous, you gain the freedom to follow your passions without the immediate pressure of earning an income. This approach allows you to be driven by passion, have ample time, and become unstoppable in achieving your life's purpose. It makes anything possible.

Consider the construction of old cathedrals; they were built with long-term vision and continue to stand strong today. In contrast, a modern house next door may start showing signs of deterioration within just 20 years. Cathedrals were built not for immediate financial profit, but to display the cutting-edge technology of their time. Unfortunately, they also had a downside: they were used to control people. Bitcoin, a decentralized blockchain, presents a world where we can prioritize long-term value over short-term profit, free from the excessive control once wielded by powerful institutions such as the church. This enables us to assert our own sovereignty and ensures equal access for all, not necessarily in wealth, but in opportunities.

You might be pondering on how to break free from the rat race?

While easier said than done, the deflationary nature of Bitcoin could be pivotal. The rise in Bitcoin's price against fiat currency is not due to an inherent increase in its value. Rather, it's because fiat currencies are losing their purchasing power, which makes Bitcoin appear more valuable. This suggests that the cost of goods and services will decrease over time. Consider this: if you transfer some of your wealth into Bitcoin, you could potentially have more purchasing power in four years! By working, saving, and allowing time to pass, you're effectively increasing your wealth. This embodies the concept of living with a low time preference. Bid farewell to covert taxation via inflation. Unlike government-controlled fiat currency, which may leave you feeling constrained, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency designed for the public. It holds the potential to restore your financial independence!

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