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7 of Pentacles, 7 of Coins, 7 of diamonds



Satoshi might be saying walking through The 7 of Bitcoin card:

I am learning to achieve fearlessness about my finances and to trust in the abundance of the Universe. I appreciate all that I have. I am learning that prosperity is a state of mind and that gratitude attracts wealth.


I live my life on a low time preference. High time preference is getting rewarded instantly. As much as it sounds nice, it make you live in the rat race.

On a low time preference where rewards can be delayed, you can start working on what you love, without having to make any income. When you can work on your life purpose, you have passion, limitless time and are unstoppable. Anything is possible.

Old cathedrals where build on low time preferences and they still stand, compared to the new house next door that will start crumbling in 20 years time.

Cathedrals where not build with the goal of making a quick buck, but with the goal to show the most advance technology of the time, but unfortunately with the negative goal of controlling people.

Now Bitcoin, decentralized blockchain can give us a world where we can again live on a low time preference without the extreme power control of church, like in the past, establishing our own self sovereignty, and instead of the few benefiting, giving equal access to all. Maybe not equal in funds, but equal in the opportunity.

Now you might wonder how you can exit the rat race. Easier said that done. Bitcoin is deflationary. It is not so that the Bitcoin price in your fiat currency goes up. It is that because fiat is losing buying power that Bitcoin value looks to be rising. Bitcoin is deflationary. That means that goods and services will cost less over time. Think of it!

Transfer some of your wealth into Bitcoin and 4 years for now you have more buying power!

So you are working, putting savings on the side and letting time run and you are actually are wealthier. That is living in a low time preference for you!!!

No more hidden taxation (inflation)

Fiat is state currency, make you a slave,

Bitcoin is stateless people's money!

and give you freedom back!

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