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7 of Hearts



Satoshi might be feeling continuously watching Bitcoin being attacked in the 7 of Cups card:

Christine Lagarde must overcome her apprehensions and preconceptions about the euro, a fiat currency that may be an illusion. By shedding these illusions, her dedication to the people will become evident, enabling her to advocate for Bitcoin.

These illusions encompass Fortune, Threat, Danger, Protection, and Loss. She must confront the misguided beliefs of individuals who view Bitcoin as a menace.

This year is about learning to let go of fears and attachments related to others and their affection for us. I am on a journey of self-trust and release.


Often, when you express interest or enthusiasm in Bitcoin or mention that you've acquired your first Bitcoin, people who care about you may react with fear and doubt. They may even suggest that you're behaving irrationally. However, this isn't a reflection of their love for you, but rather a projection of their own fears. They may claim that Bitcoin is dangerous despite having limited knowledge on the subject and speaking as though they are experts.

It's important to trust yourself and conduct your own research to dispel any misconceptions. This might be a challenging task, but it's certainly worthwhile. After all, we can only introduce the concept of Bitcoin to others. Whether they choose to explore it further is entirely up to them.

Bitcoin might primarily be a digital financial asset, but its significance extends beyond that. Life philosophies, technology, finance, digital gold, mining, coding, cryptography - the spectrum is broad enough for anyone to find their niche.

You've likely delved into one of the many facets of Bitcoin. It's up to individuals to discover their own path in this world; it's not your responsibility.

However, what you are responsible for is unwavering commitment. Our task is to safeguard our newfound treasure. Participate in the Bitcoin community. Engage and express yourself. Learn how to adapt to the Bitcoin standard and be part of this Silent revolution.

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