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9 of Swords, 9 of Spades



Satoshi might be saying pondering through The 9 of Binary card:

Maybe I created the first FUD. Even before the white papers were finished!

Satoshi must have had Fear Uncertainty and Doubt!

No doubt about that!


Consider this: could you author the Bitcoin white papers and create a universal digital currency designed to last indefinitely? The perfect hard currency! But what if something goes wrong? What if Bitcoin gets hacked or a binary code loophole is exploited?

As of the time of writing, Bitcoin has reportedly 'died' over 452 times according to Yet, each time Bitcoin 'dies', it only seems to grow stronger. It's as though every challenge faced by Bitcoin only serves to increase its power and relevance.

In this process, we learn to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubts. We also learn to release people, lifestyles, habits, and jobs that have served their purpose in my life. They've fulfilled their roles, and now we are free to pursue new and better opportunities.

Satoshi had to learn this as well, even having to let go of Bitcoin eventually.

Nowadays, fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) often stem from the legacy system. This includes people seeking wealth, jealousy, ignorance, propaganda, biased news media, politics, non-governmental organizations - whether they're protecting the environment or human rights - and many more.

One can be certain that whenever there's FUD circulating, someone stands to benefit from it at your expense. Don't let anything steal your peace, your Satoshis, or your sanity, wreaking havoc on your emotions and turning you into a basket case. That's not who you are!

It's often said that you buy Bitcoin at the price you deserve.

Between that price and owning your first Satoshis lies fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Elevate yourself, educate yourself, conduct your own research, and embrace freedom.

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