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9 of Swords, 9 of Spades



Satoshi might be saying pondering through The 9 of Binary card:

Maybe I created the first FUD. Even before the white papers were finished!

Satoshi must have had Fear Uncertainty and Doubt!

No doubt about that!


Think of it! Could you write the Bitcoin white papers, create a Universal Digital currency for all future times to live forever? Perfect hard money! What if you Fuck up? Bitcoin gets hacked? A glitch, a Binary code loophole.

Then Bitcoin died more than (check the website: 452 times in the time of writing.

And every time Bitcoin died, Bitcoin got stronger! It is as if Bitcoin facing challenges, only gets more powerful and relevant.

I learn to let go of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubts. But I also I learn to let go of people, life style, habits, and jobs that have completed their purposes in my life.

They are fulfilled and I am free to move on to new and better things!

Satoshi had to learn to let go of it all. Even Bitcoin in the end.

Now the FUD comes from the legacy system, people wanting to get rich, jealousy, ignorance, propaganda, corrupt news media, politics, non governmental organization, like the ones protecting the environment, or people rights and so many more....

You can be sure that when there is FUD, someone is there to gain from that FUD. Steal from you. Steal your peace, your Sats, your sanity, havoc your emotions and make you a basket case! And that is not you!

They say that you Buy Bitcoin at the price that you deserve.

Between that price and you owning your first Sats is FUD.

Transcend yourself, learn, do your own research, and be free....

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