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  • Michael F. Gilbourne


9 of Hearts



Satoshi might be feeling sitting on top of the world arms in the air in The 9 of Cups card:

I have done so much, worked hard but smart and been thankful all along the way, and now am humbly blessed by abundance.

Sometimes to reach my goals I have to learn to let go of relationships, like in The 8 of cups, that were once good for me, but now have outlived their purpose in my life. By setting myself free of the past moving on, I give myself the time to accomplish my purpose and dreams in this world and become abundant.


Sometimes to enter the world of Bitcoin you have to learn to let go of relationships. They were once good for you, but once you live on the Bitcoin standard, old relationships may have outlived their purpose. You are not letting people go, you are telling them about Bitcoin and they think you mad. Because they do not get it! And the more you start explaining the bigger the hole you dig yourself into.

So they let you go and they start disappearing from your life.

That is when you realize that by letting go, your created new doors of opportunity for yourself. You set yourself free to move on to better relationships. The world is so abundant. One only has to open his eyes to see.

This is not financial advise, but everyone who bought Bitcoin at least 4 years ago is in the money!

The formula is simple:


DCA: Dollar Cost Averaging. (That is when you decide for example to invest x amount every Friday afternoon every week, no matter the BTC price)

FORGET: Hodl that Bitcoin. (Easier to hodl when you forgot that you bought some).

WAIT 4 YEARS: Time passes so fast. So make time work for you, rather than run after it for 4 years be tired and in debt.

GENIOUS: Abundance

That is the formula of Bitcoin abundance.

It is my opinion that it is also the solution for all 7 billion people on earth. When the monetary supply is capped, then all good and services, all money gets to be contained in that capped supply. So as the world economy grows, good and services become cheaper. Money becomes deflationary. Rather than work your entire life to retire and have savings that keep losing their value through inflation of currency. Bitcoin is a safe heaven monetary store of value.

To that your friends will say that Bitcoin is very volatile. Yes! in the weeks and month ahead. But over one year period Bitcoin is the fastest growing asset on earth. And over 4 years is the smartest investment. Currencies may not be volatile but are in a race down to zero.

Bitcoin is abundance for the world!

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