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Satoshi might be saying telling stories around the fire of truth in The 9 of Wands card:

Wisdom through life experience should always, during a time of some mental disappointments and ending of plans, allow the letting go of limiting concepts and ways to communicate.

The way we deal with disappointments can either elevate you or destroy you! It is our choice!

In the tarot image of the 9 of wands you could use the sticks to beat yourself up or burn them and create a nice warming cosy space for yourself.

The choice is always there!

You may know what not to do, in order not be disappointed. But that is not how life works. Since you were a child you learned through empirical wisdom, meaning falling down and getting back up. It might have been easier while younger, but that is still the way we learn. The mind that thinks, it knows better only gets in the way and can become your own personal flogging stick.

The magic here is personal forgiveness. Not forgiving the situation or the people that hurt you. That would make you a victim, but forgiving yourself.

You can use a sentence. I forgive myself for my personal disappointment, hurt that I created.

Think about it! If the hurt or disappointment comes from the outside, you can not do anything, but point fingers. But as you are smart and realize that you are the one inflicting disappointment and hurt on yourself, you are also the one that can transmute the situation through personal forgiveness and personal love.


If you are too focused on the price of Bitcoin you might get hurt. Greed and fear are the two main emotions that you might feel. There is even a Crypto Fear & Greed Index that was created to trace the price of Bitcoin. To be continued...

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