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Satoshi might be saying standing at the door in the King of Binary Code card:

My dream is to be the Bank!

Now you can be the bank too!

No third party needed!

My job is All Done, Peace Out!


When you have a bank account you are given a public key and a private key.

The public key is in the United States a combination of your account number and a swift/bank code.

In Europe it is your Iban number.

You can give this number to anyone to receive funds. It is a one way transaction.

Then the bank also has a private key, but they keeps it. They use that key to program you account.

How much penalties you have to pay, if you are in the red.

How much can you withdraw daily, weekly, while traveling, on a 7 day rollover.

Monthly loan repayments, and so on....

And so many more factors that you agree too when you opened your account.

In small print it is also said that the funds are not yours anymore, but the property of the bank to use as they wish and to retitute upon their rules(wishes). Your funds are virtual. They already loaned on a x100 leverage making money on your back while you have to pay to have a credit card to spend your own hard earned currency.

In the bitcoin world you are the bank because you possess your public and private key.

You are taking responsibility of it all. The only signed contract is between you and yourself. No third party. Your money is clearly yours. With no one meddling with it. You regain your power.

Now this may not be for everybody, and you may still keep a percentage of your funds in a bank for expenditure.

But we have a choice!

Dollar bill: "In God we trust"?

A bit of history.

It came into existence thanks to some strong Christians who felt a nation going through a painful, costly war (civil war) needed a constant reminder about God and His provision, and this should be something we take note of every day. It even went into law, becoming an intricate part of the US nation’s history for life.

The name was approved by Congress, in the Act of April 22 1864.

“And this be our motto: In God is our trust. And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” National Anthem.

Basically, better to trust the Lord than put confidence in man.

But that is where the problem is. God is not dealing with the US currency, but humans are! the Government, the Federal reserved, the Treasury.

Now it makes a lot of sense. You gotta have faith. Not in religion unfortunately, but in the Gods that govern you. Then ones that keep printing out money like the party will never end.

Luckily the US Dollar, the world base currency could export its inflation since 1971, since Bretton Woods, and Americans did not feel the impact of negative trades balances but the rest of the world did (but who cares as long as it is not us or our people). But it is not working anymore, and inflation is now catching up for the first time.

Historically when a money is debased from the gold standard or any baseline, it becomes a fiat currency and a fiat currency only last 50 years maximum. That was in early 2021.

So now the US Dollar has bitten this record by one year!

It did so by over printing, sending more dollars to all its people. Which in the short, short term worked. But it is proven mathematically that the $6000 covid bail out sent, created inflation that now makes good and services that costed $6000, cost $8000 rather then $4000 if nothing had been sent. The cost of life is doubling.

Clearly when human nature plays God, the story is not going to end well.

Remember Babylone?

That is where Bitcoin comes to transform our world. It is a God sent miracle.

Nobody controls it. No need to trust God anymore. It is just running code.

It is supported by a entire blockchain of computing power that creates security and validates transactions.

The more power used the safer it becomes.

So do you want to have blind faith

"In God we Trust"? and repeat history

or take a leap of faith and believe in a better future and believe

"In Code we Trust"?

ESTJ: Excellent administrator, unsurpassed at managing things and people.





"Good order is the foundation of all things"

Edmund Burke


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