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The Bitcoin Maximalist


Satoshi, a Bitcoin maximalist, might contend that the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could potentially erode personal freedom and choice. Often dubbed "smart money," CBDC is essentially a centralized digital currency that can be manipulated and customized for each citizen through diverse regulations.

Governments perceive it as an opportunity to control social and economic factors for the public's benefit. However, since those in power are tasked with setting these rules, ensuring fairness remains a contentious issue. Personal interests and individual agendas pose a risk to our currency's integrity. The push for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is likely to escalate in response to an economic crisis or emergency.

This approach aligns with Herbert Hoover's insights regarding government emergency measures. Hoover observed that every collectivist revolution utilizes an "emergency" as its Trojan horse. This strategy was used by figures such as Lenin, Hitler, and Mussolini. In the collectivist takeover of several smaller European countries, those seeking power often invoked "emergency" cries. As a result, "emergency" was used as the rationale for their subsequent actions. This tactic of instilling urgency represents the height of demagogic success.

Consider the following:

- Currency with a predetermined expiration date.

- Currency with inflation rates customized to each individual.

- Currency that is only valid in certain stores.

- A system where every transaction is scrutinized and analyzed by government AI computers, eradicating any chance of untraceable transactions.

- A system requiring proof that our spending money is legitimately earned and rightfully ours.

Universal income revenues are subject to limitations on their usage and expenditure. There may be instances of immediate payment refusal, such as when you attempt to buy a plane ticket but have already surpassed your weekly CO2 allowance. Our accounts can be instantly frozen by AI due to the enforcement of unfair laws by those in authority. Payments can be stopped by banks if the goods or companies we intend to patronize do not adhere to the new ESG (Ecological, Social, Governance) regulations.

Our rights to purchase and travel are being compromised as our social credit scores fall below the acceptable community standards, a situation already prevalent in China. Our digital wallets are now interconnected with our digitized passports and health cards, among other documents.

The right to birth registration and the recognition of everyone as a person before the law is a universal human right. This was initially acknowledged in Article 6 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and specifically recognized in Article 24, paragraph 2 of the International Covenant on Civil Rights. However, these rights may be jeopardized if not adequately protected. To exercise any rights or engage in society, one needs a phone or electronic device. Additionally, compliance with ever-changing state regulations is necessary. This situation could potentially lead to exploitation, where individuals might feel forced to work excessively just to assert their basic rights.

This scenario could be also abused by the ones in power through. Earn passive income digitally, deposited directly into digital wallet. Benefit from appealing interest rates and access to interest-free loans. Eliminate debt with just a simple click of a button. Experience freedom from the usual legal restrictions applied to ordinary citizens.

The motto could be: "Play by our rules or lose." With Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), it feels as though we've lost before the game has even begun, as if everything is rigged.

Bitcoin may serve as our Trojan horse in the battle against CBDC. The impact of Bitcoin's strategic moves correlates directly with the number of global investors. The larger the Bitcoin market cap, the greater our chances of success.

Owning Bitcoin is a significant move. It represents a vote against CBDC and a stance for preserving personal freedom. Consider relocating to a city or country that appreciates your financial contribution and respects your human rights, rather than exploiting them.

Bitcoin is our secret advantage!

The king of Bitcoin represents the ESFJs archetype, renowned for their extraordinary care and sociability, finding a unique place in the Bitcoin world. Their extraverted nature thrives amid the bustling crypto community, making them popular figures known for their eagerness to assist others. As Sensation-driven individuals, they keep a watchful eye on market fluctuations and emerging trends, ensuring they navigate the volatile landscape with informed decisions. Guided by their heartfelt Feeling, ESFJs bring a sense of empathy and ethics to their interactions, fostering a more compassionate and responsible approach to cryptocurrencies. Their innate Judgment aids in making prudent choices, making them invaluable contributors, promoting responsible investment practices in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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