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Pure Bitcoin Maxi or King of Hearts



Satoshi might be saying standing during his toast in The king of Cups card:

Bitcoin is self-sufficient, and if you possess the ability to advocate for it, you become a part of the silent revolution. People may not support you initially, but if they fail to defeat you, they will eventually join you. And in the end, everyone will celebrate!


Standing up for our convictions isn't always easy. However, to be an advocate in the Bitcoin world, one simply needs to purchase some Bitcoin and hold onto it.

"HODL," a term frequently used in the cryptocurrency world, originated from a typo years ago. On a December morning in 2013, a user named Game Kyuubi posted an entry titled "I AM HODLING" on a Bitcoin forum. The misspelled term "HODL" quickly spread throughout the crypto community and soon became internet slang, indicating when a person chooses to hold onto their bitcoin rather than selling it.

"HODL" could also be an acronym for 'Holding On for Dear Life,' which essentially means not selling coins even when the market is plummeting. One who doesn't sell coins will not incur a loss. One simply needs to wait for the price to exceed the purchase price. I view Bitcoin as a bank with 21 million coins. The more people who invest in Bitcoin, the higher its value becomes. To determine its value, you must divide the market cap by 21 million. Therefore, by purchasing Bitcoin, you contribute to its value and become an advocate. It is in everyone's best interest to buy some and store it in a cold wallet.

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