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You are a Freedom Fighter



Satoshi might be saying standing for freedom as the statue of Liberty in NY city bay in The knights of cups card:

I stand tall, I welcome you people that crossed the ocean fleeing persecution throughout the ages. I stand tall welcoming you to this new city.

Unfortunately NY has lost its light and gotten dark in these past years and its symbol has lost of its values through time. But now is the time to orange pill NY city bay again and orange pill the capital of the economic center of the earth once more.


Bitcoin is like buying a block in a digital NY City in the eighteen hundreds. Bitcoin is welcoming all new comers. Actually countries and people that are most persecuted around the world are the early adopters of the technology. They understand that the new statue of liberty symbol is Bitcoin. No boats are needed, just a cell phone and wifi connection. And anyone, wherever they are can buy a piece of digital NYC in cyber space. Buying a piece of self sovereignty, freedom, peace, and timeless protection.

So the biggest danger to our society is complacency and comfort. Thinking that liberties are a birth right given to all and that no one had to fight for. Unfortunately, one that has his needs met, has less potential to realize the power of Bitcoin.

It is said that changing our mind on a subject is equal to realizing that your parents were not your real parents. One has to go through, disillusion, lost, hate, violence, depression, to finally see a new light at the end of the tunnel. How many people are willing to go through that emotional ride? It would rock the foundation of their existence. They would have to doubt and rethink every subjects and interactions they ever had. The degree of mental and emotional smartness to go through a existential radical change can only be started when one suffers so much that there is no other solution, then one maybe able to face reality. And I say maybe, because so many on earth are stuck in the mental and emotional depression phase, not being able to see past it. Depression being a statement of a fuck up society we live in, with no hope and future. And Bitcoin being the orange pill that can make you dream again.

But when one thinks that it is OK to have as parents the government and state, how can one see the truth for himself? The fact that he has been lied too, used and persecuted without even knowing. Even more so would fight for his country, killing other people in the name of freedom. That is double think. Please, Please, Please wake up !!!! We are living in an Orwellian society. Please make 1984 fiction again!

How many people are asleep. Governments on top of them controlling there lives. News media making some countries the good people and others the bad ones. That is just pure propaganda.

We just are people, we are all real. Governments are not real. Real life flow through people veins; There is no blood in governments, except the one that they bleed to stay relevant and keep us in check.

Think of the story of robin hood. Who does not love the poor stealing from the rich?

Who does not like a story of the weak fighting against the strong. As far back as David and Goliath.

But what is the difference between a rebel and a terrorist. Frankly beside both sides killing each other. The difference is a point of view. Point of view given by whatever media you follow. Whatever allegiances you believe in. But in reality there is no difference.

American is the rich nation stealing commodities and power from poor countries. It is "The pot calling the kettle black". America is guilty of the very thing of which he accuses another and is thus an example of hypocrisy.

Then America which controls the reserve currency of the world offers loans to countries. Which loans are digitally printed out of thin air. And when countries defaults on their loans, America takes the country commodities in exchange, as repayments.

There is no altruism there. There is no help. There is no fighting for freedom. But pure greed, pure power play, world domination of the poor. I call it modern slavery. No need to tell people that they are slaves. Just tell them that We bring freedom! Double think! again.

So no wonders rebel or terrorism exist!

Now, if you change the monetary reserve currency to Bitcoin, no country will have the power to wage war for free, for ages. These countries would get broke very quickly and the incentive to go to war would vanish.

The second, We the people realize that, We are the Life on earth, that We are all alike, and start drinking the orange pill juice of Bitcoin, unity will result. Governments will not be able to divide its own population or wreck havoc in countries around the world dividing all people.

When We the people using Bitcoin, We can defund the banks, and create a new world reserve currency, We create a silent revolution and We take our power back.

Because no matter who you are, where you are, We are all the same! and Bitcoin can become the uniting factors that makes us strong. Gives us our power back!

Maybe that is why I called this card "THE IDEALISTIC"

But please prove me wrong! As I want to dream of a amazing future.

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