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You are a Freedom Fighter



Satoshi might be saying standing for freedom as the Statue of Liberty in New City in The Knight of cups card:

I stand tall, welcoming those of you who have crossed the ocean, fleeing persecution throughout the ages, to this new city. Regrettably, New York has lost its luminosity over the past years and its symbol has eroded in value through the pitfalls of the legacy system. However, now is the time to rejuvenate New York City through Bitcoin and restore it as the thriving economic center of the world once more.


Bitcoin can be likened to purchasing a block in New York City in the 1800s. It is open to all newcomers, with countries and individuals facing persecution worldwide often being the early adopters of this technology. They recognize Bitcoin as a new symbol of liberty. No physical transportation is required, just a mobile phone and a Wi-Fi connection. Anyone, from anywhere, can acquire a piece of this digital NYC in cyberspace, thereby buying into self-sovereignty, freedom, peace, and timeless protection. The greatest threat to our society lies in complacency and comfort. It's a common misconception that liberties are a birthright, granted to all without struggle. Unfortunately, those whose needs are readily met often fail to recognize the transformative power of Bitcoin.

Changing one's perspective on a subject can be as profound and unsettling as discovering that your parents are not your biological ones. This journey often involves disillusionment, loss, hatred, violence, and depression before finally glimpsing a new light at the end of the tunnel. However, how many individuals are truly prepared for such an emotional roller coaster? It would shake the very foundations of their existence, forcing them to question and reevaluate every topic and interaction they've ever had. The capacity for intellectual and emotional resilience needed to navigate a profound existential change often emerges when one experiences such intense suffering that no other solutions seem viable. This may enable an individual to confront reality. However, this is not always the case as many people remain trapped in phases of mental and emotional depression, unable to see beyond their current state. This depression can be viewed as a reflection of our flawed society, characterized by a lack of hope and future prospects. Bitcoin, symbolized here as the 'orange pill', offers a potential remedy that could reignite dreams and aspirations.

Yet, if one accepts the government and state as parental figures, how can they truly discern the truth for themselves? He has been deceived, exploited, and persecuted unknowingly. Moreover, he would even fight for his country, taking lives in the name of freedom. This is a clear example of doublethink. Please, wake up! We are living in a society reminiscent of Orwell's dystopia. Let's strive to keep "1984" as fiction!

Many people are oblivious to the control governments exert over their lives. The news media manipulates perceptions by portraying some countries as good and others as bad - a classic case of propaganda.

We are all real people, while governments are abstract constructs. Real life courses through people's veins, unlike governments which lack this vitality. They bleed only to maintain relevance and control over us. Consider the story of Robin Hood; who doesn't appreciate the narrative of the poor stealing from the rich? Who doesn't admire tales of the weak battling against the strong, dating back to David and Goliath? However, distinguishing between a rebel and a terrorist is challenging. Beyond the mutual violence, the difference lies in perspective - a perspective shaped by our choice of media and personal allegiances. But in truth, there is no real difference. America, a wealthy nation, is often accused of exploiting resources and power from less affluent countries. This can be likened to the proverb "The pot calling the kettle black", as America seems to be guilty of the very hypocrisy it accuses others of.

Furthermore, the USA, which controls the world's reserve currency, offers loans to other countries. These loans are digitally created without any tangible backing. When these countries default on their loans, The USA accepts their commodities in exchange for repayment.

This system does not reflect altruism or assistance; it does not champion freedom. Instead, it appears to be driven by sheer greed and a desire for global dominance over less prosperous nations. Some might even label this as a form of modern slavery. There's no need to tell people they're enslaved, just convince them that we're offering freedom. This is doublethink in action, which may explain the existence of rebellion and terrorism. If we change the global reserve currency to Bitcoin, no country will have the power to wage war indefinitely without financial consequences. Countries would quickly deplete their resources, eliminating the incentive for warfare.

We, the people, must acknowledge that we are life on earth and that we are all alike. Once we start embracing Bitcoin, often referred to as the 'orange pill', unity will be achieved. Governments will no longer be able to divide our population or cause chaos in countries worldwide.

By using Bitcoin, we can defund banks and establish a new global reserve currency. This silent revolution allows us to reclaim our power. Regardless of who you are or where you're from, we are all fundamentally the same. Bitcoin can serve as a unifying factor that strengthens us and restores our power! Perhaps that's why I've named this card "THE IDEALISTIC". However, feel free to prove me wrong! I yearn to envision a remarkable future.

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