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You are a creator in the world of Bitcoin. What will you develop?



Satoshi might be saying pouring Bitcoin juice, Orange pilling the world in The Page of Cups card:

Here is the fountain of LIFE. I give it to you all. Come and drink from it!

Many will tell you that what is prophetized is false, a pipe dream, propaganda. That people drinking the orange nectar have gone mad. They fell into a rabbit hole. That is double think talk. One only has to drink for themselves (DYOR) to make up its mind. (Do Your Own Research). The fountain of LIFE is just a few clicks away.

In this card Satoshi is described as The altruistic. Poetic, kind and altruistic person, always eager to help a good cause. That good cause being saving humanity.






You need asking yourself if you want to be part of this movement. And beyond just buying Sats, what you can bring to the Bitcoin community in order to facilitate the discovering of the fountain of LIFE to all. Bitcoin is asking you to bring all your talents and past experiences to grow and thrive in its community.

It might sounds like Bitcoin is a religion. But in the same manner as you would have faith in the Euros or Dollar or your own country currency? Praising your politicians and governmental technocrats as Gods for your country good fortune or economical disasters. You just fall to being a victim to these outside forces.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, due to the decentralized system, there is no government, power, or ruling authority.

In Code We Trust. Rather than in God We Trust.

You become the creator and are given the options to maybe become altruistic in your work. Because when you do well, your family is taken care off and then you become part of the solution, rather than being a sickly person needing help. Bitcoin is giving each one of us the opportunity to grow, become the creator of our own lives.

Not only Satoshi, but you too can be pouring that orange pilled juice into the fountain of LIFE.

We are all Satoshi!

"All that is gold does not glitter (Fiat currencies); not all those who wander are lost (Satoshi creating Bitcoin); The old that is strong does not wither (your self sovereignty convictions making you strong); Deep roots are not reached by the frost (Your taking responsibility for your life, rather than proxy living)"

J.R.R Tolkien

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