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Bitcoin Tarot ORDER TODAY!

Super happy to announce that you can order your own Bitcoin tarot decks!

Shipping Immediately through Amazon.

This deck is also used in the Bitcoin Tarot card game.

The complete Tarot set comprises 78 cards in four suits: Bitcoin, Cups, Wands, and Binary Code, along with 21 Major Arcanas and The Initiate.

Each card showcases a Bitcoin meme inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto's quiet revolution.

This set makes an ideal gift for both seasoned crypto enthusiasts and novices.

An accompanying e-blog describes each card in detail and is frequently updated with fresh content.

The cards, measuring 8 x 13.7 cm, are printed on 350 GSM art paper with gold edging and are packaged in a beautifully designed tuck box with golden stamping.

The Tarot Cards, created for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, adhere to the traditional Tarot structure but with a unique Bitcoin spin.

These 78 cards symbolize Satoshi Nakamoto's quiet revolution, providing an in-depth exploration into the inception of Bitcoin. Each card blends elements from the Bitcoin universe with traditional Tarot imagery.

The cards are made from 350gsm art paper and have dimensions of 8 cm by 13.7 cm. They feature rounded corners and gold edging for a refined finish.

The deck is securely housed in a paper tuck box, elegantly embossed and stamped with gold foil, containing all 78 cards.

Instead of a traditional printed booklet, Bitcoin Tarot offers an interactive E-Blog that provides detailed descriptions of each individual card. This blog is regularly updated with new content, offering ongoing insights into the Bitcoin world through the lens of Tarot.

The articles feature comprehensive descriptions of each card, along with spreads, current events, stories, videos, and more.

As Bitcoin continues to evolve, our blog will simultaneously adapt to reflect these changes.

Immerse yourself in the digital world of Bitcoin by purchasing your deck today!

This is the ideal gift for both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners!

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