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Are you a Fiat or Bitcoin HODLER?



Satoshi might be saying swarming around the old legacy system in The Queen of Cups card:

Christine Lagard represents the old legacy system she is the President of the European Central Bank (ECB). Made her carrier as a lawyer in the american firm Baker McKenzie consulting company. Which now consults governments, paid by citizens all around the world. Rather than countries employing its own citizens.

Baker McKenzie firm has succeed in becoming the close advisors of presidents in multitudes of countries. Which to me is against the sate interest and in pure conflict with its citizens. Not to say, funnel contracting fees away from the people into one big giant global corporate power house centralized system. They have the power to control and influence multitudes of issues in multitude of counties at the same time. That is why we now have world problem that can only be resolved by a world global agenda rather than state issues dealt on a state level. They create a problem and sell the solution globally. Amazing business model!!! And we fall for it!

She also was the direct of the IMF and still is Member of the Board of Directors at the Bank for International Settlement.

The IMF is now putting pressure on the country like El Salvador after they decided to repay their debt and to no longer take loans. The IMF is citing financial instability. That is double think. The IMF is losing customers to the new emergent Bitcoin standard. I would think that they would be happy to see a new developing country do well economically. But no!

In the Queen of Cups tarot image I decided to illustrate Michael Saylor, pinned twitter quote, “Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy.” M.S. (Queen of cups).

We are all the cyber hornets!

You become a cyber hornet by purchasing your first Satoshi's, may it be per to per or on a exchange, you are on the way to change the world and create the Bitcoin standard!

The flow of money will not only change directions but move from the old legacy system to the new Bitcoin standard.

A cyber hornet hodl its Sats. He honor the philosophical idea of Bitcoin. He live on truth alone. He is part of a growing community. And becomes, smarter, faster and stronger, its resources protected by the energy power needed to run its system. So its not only the blockchain that becomes ever smart, faster and stronger, but it is also the cyber hornet, the hodler that does.

The hodler is ready to face its Protagonist!






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