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Are you a Fiat or Bitcoin HODLER?



Satoshi might be saying swarming around the old legacy system in The Queen of Cups card:

Are you ready to face adversity?

Bitcoin world:

Christine Lagarde, the current President of the European Central Bank (ECB), embodies the traditional legacy system. She built her career as a lawyer at the American consulting firm, Baker McKenzie, which now advises governments worldwide. This practice is funded by countries paying foreign corporations, instead of countries employing their own citizens.

Baker McKenzie has succeeded in becoming a trusted advisor to presidents in numerous countries. However, I believe this is against the state's interest and conflicts with its citizens' welfare. It essentially diverts contracting fees away from the people and into a single, large global corporate powerhouse with a centralized system. They possess the ability to control and influence a multitude of issues across various countries simultaneously. This is why we currently face global problems that can only be resolved through a worldwide agenda, rather than addressing state issues at the state level. They create a problem and then market the solution globally - an incredible business model that we often fall for.

She was previously the director of the IMF and continues to serve as a Member of the Board of Directors at the Bank for International Settlements.

The IMF is now exerting pressure on countries like El Salvador after they decided to repay their debt and abstain from taking further loans, citing financial instability as their concern. This is a classic case of doublethink. The IMF seems to be losing clients to the emerging Bitcoin standard. One would assume they'd be pleased to see a developing country thrive economically, but apparently not.

In the Queen of Cups tarot image, I chose to depict Michael Saylor's pinned tweet: "Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy." - M.S. (Queen of Cups).

We are all part of this swarm of cyber hornets! You become a cyber hornet by purchasing your first Satoshi, whether it's peer-to-peer or on an exchange. You're on the path to changing the world and establishing the Bitcoin standard. The flow of money will not just change directions, but transition from the old legacy system to the new Bitcoin standard. A cyber hornet holds onto its Sats and honors the philosophical concept of Bitcoin. It thrives on truth alone and is part of a growing community. As it becomes smarter, faster, and stronger, its resources are safeguarded by the energy required to operate its system. Not only is the blockchain becoming increasingly smart, fast, and strong, but so is the cyber hornet, the hodler. The hodler is prepared to confront its protagonist!

The Queen of Cups archetype INFJs, the insightful advocates, navigate the Bitcoin world with a unique blend of traits. Their introverted nature lends itself to deep research and reflection, allowing them to understand the complexities of cryptocurrency. Intuitively attuned, they sense the potential for change and progress within Bitcoin's disruptive technology. Driven by their profound sense of Feeling, they advocate for ethical and humanitarian aspects of cryptocurrency, promoting fairness and inclusivity. INFJs' inherent Judgment leads them to make carefully considered decisions, fostering a responsible and sustainable Bitcoin community. They aim to use their insights to create a positive impact, aligning the digital currency world with their values and vision for a better financial future.

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