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BITCOIN TAROT, Satoshi's Silent Revolution


Each of the 78 cards has its own dedicated blog post on our website:

But you can easily access the information about each card by typing its name along with 'Bitcoin tarot' into Google's search engine, regardless of your location.

As we are in the midst of a silent revolution, it's important to remember that revolutions don't occur overnight. Each blog post will contain a certain amount of information that will be updated over time.

The categories for each card blog post include: the name of the card, key words, an image of the card, and a description detailing what Satoshi is doing and how you can participate in the Bitcoin world! Questions for self-reflection when choosing a card. The meaning of card reversal. The connection between the card and the Bitcoin world. Symbolism used in related Crypto articles.

In the future, we will include short video clips and more.

A commentary section for your input and participation.


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