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"The Beast with Horns" translates to "La Bête Rouge" in French, which symbolizes the devil.

Here's what The Initiate, Satoshi Nakamoto, might say when contemplating "La Bête Rouge" card:

"Maintain a sense of personal freedom and integrity in your financial pursuits, stay clear of manipulative or unethical practices!''

"The Devil" card signifies a sense of attachment and dependency when it comes to your financial situation and Bitcoin investments. It represents the temptation to become overly obsessed or fixated on material wealth and financial success. This card suggests that you may be placing too much importance on financial gain, potentially leading to unhealthy attachments or an imbalanced perspective on wealth.

In the context of finances and Bitcoin, "The Devil" card warns against being too rigid or restricted in your approach. It suggests that you may be bound by self-imposed limitations or fears, preventing you from exploring new and potentially profitable opportunities. It encourages you to break free from the constraints and limitations you have placed upon yourself, allowing for greater financial flexibility and growth.

Furthermore, "The Devil" card highlights the concept of commitment and the potential consequences of hasty or ill-informed financial decisions. It urges you to carefully evaluate your commitments and obligations, ensuring that they align with your long-term financial goals. This card serves as a reminder to avoid making impulsive decisions or getting entangled in risky financial arrangements that may have detrimental effects.

Symbolically, "The Devil" represents the darker aspects of human nature, including greed, materialism, and excessive desire for power. In the context of finances, this card cautions against becoming consumed by the pursuit of wealth, as it can lead to negative consequences such as financial losses or unethical behavior. It is essential to approach Bitcoin and financial matters with a balanced perspective, free from the influence of excessive attachment and unhealthy desires. "The Devil" card reminds you to maintain a sense of personal freedom and integrity in your financial pursuits, steering clear of manipulative or unethical practices.

Overall, "The Devil" card serves as a cautionary reminder to examine your attachment to financial matters, break free from self-imposed limitations, and ensure that your financial commitments align with your long-term goals. It urges you to maintain a balanced and ethical approach to Bitcoin and finances, avoiding excessive attachment and the potential negative consequences associated with unchecked desires.

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