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Satoshi might be saying walking through The Magician card:

Let's Go!!!! I am Starting, I got all that I need, now I have to figure out how to make it all work!

With this card you have the potential to make things happen. The key to taking control of your life is to have a vision and then take action to make it happen. Intention and action are both required. When your intentions and actions are aligned, real magic occurs!

This card hides the secret knowledge of finding your dharma. Walk your path. Discover what you are meant to be on earth. Your life purpose!

You can see that the bag of THE INITIATE has been open. Rest in the magician hand his goal and on the table the tools to achieve his goal: The block chain represented by the snake and Bitcoin, The white papers, the cup and the binary code. These form the 4 suits of the Bitcoin Tarot.

Satoshi has the tools, now he needs to figure a way to put it all together. The staff represent the long journey he has ahead of him. The infinite wisdom coming from the infinite sky showering him with intuition.

Me THE MAGICIAN I invite you to create, to start new projects, be an adventurer, With me on your side, do not hesitate to take action, take a leap forward. Who will you be in the Bitcoin world? Only you can answer that question! Whoever you are, take all your past, and ignite that fire inside. Find your sense of purpose! and find your freedom!

The magician incarnate a new start, birth. It is never too late to start all over again! Turn your vision into reality!


I: Number one means

BOOK: Book means eternal knowledge. But not yet the white papers, just the sheets of paper coming down from the sky.

CUP: With two keys on it. Relates to us, humans, full of emotions. The one key hides on one side the knowledge of our consciousness the other key the knowledge of our hidden subconsciousness. Are you going to drink from the cup and face who you are? And unite both your conscious and subconscious? If you do the sky is the limit.

SNAKE: Represent the block chain in the Bitcoin Tarot. But the snake brings fear in us at first. That is because of our lack of understanding. Stay in fear and you will never grow. Fear of the story of Adam and eve. Fear of its movement, Fear of its bite. Fear of death by its venom. But get to know the snake and realize that he shade his skin. He bring change. He bites only through fear! Respect the snake and he can transform itself as your best ally.

INFINITE SIGN: Eternal Wisdom

WATER FALL: Blessed by knowledge

STAFF: Going on a long jouney. Needing help.

DICES: Trust your luck! All the three dice rolled the same number. You are in luck.

TABLE: Has only three legs. You are at the beginning of your journey. Not stable yet!

COVERED HEAD: No need to share your new found sense of purpose with other yet. Stay in the shadows in order to gather strengh for your journey ahead. Nobody can do it for you. and opening yourself to others may just stop your surge.


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