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Satoshi, embodying The Magician card, might express:

"Let's begin! I have everything I need, now it's time to figure out how to put it all together.

This card signifies the potential to bring about change. The secret to taking control of your life lies in having a vision and acting upon it. Both intention and action are necessary. When your intentions align with your actions, that's when real magic happens!

The card also conceals the profound knowledge of discovering your dharma. Embark on your journey. Uncover what you're destined to be in this world - your life's purpose!

Notice that the bag of The Initiate has been opened." In the hands of the magician rests his goal, along with the tools on the table to achieve it: The blockchain symbolized by the snake and Bitcoin, the white papers, the cup, and the binary code. These constitute the four suits of the Bitcoin Tarot.

Satoshi possesses these tools and now must strategize how to assemble them. The staff signifies the lengthy journey ahead of him, with boundless wisdom from the infinite sky infusing him with intuition.

As THE MAGICIAN, I encourage you to create, initiate new projects, and embrace adventure. With me by your side, don't hesitate to act or take a bold step forward. What role will you play in the world of Bitcoin? Only you can answer that question! Embrace your past and ignite the inner fire. Discover your purpose and find your freedom!

The magician symbolizes a fresh start, a new birth. Remember, it's never too late to begin anew and turn your vision into reality!


I: The number one signifies unity.

BOOK: The book represents eternal knowledge. It doesn't necessarily refer to white papers, but rather to sheets of paper falling from the sky.

CUP: Adorned with two keys, this symbol relates to us as humans, filled with emotions. One key represents our conscious knowledge, while the other reveals our hidden subconscious knowledge. Are you prepared to confront your true self by merging your conscious and subconscious? If so, the possibilities are endless.

The SNAKE symbolizes the blockchain in Bitcoin Tarot. Initially, it may incite fear due to our lack of understanding. Remaining in this state of fear inhibits growth. This fear can be traced back to stories like Adam and Eve, or simply the snake's movements, its bite, or the potential death from its venom. However, upon understanding the snake, one realizes that it sheds its skin symbolizing change. It only bites out of fear! If respected, the snake can transform into a powerful ally.

The INFINITY SIGN represents eternal wisdom.

WATERFALL: Enlightened by Knowledge

STAFF: Embarking on an extensive journey, assistance required.

DICE: Trust your fortune! All three dice have rolled the same number. You're in luck. They also tell us how to lay the cards down to read one personal journey. 3 rows of 7 cards.

TABLE: With only three legs, it signifies the start of your journey. Stability is yet to be achieved!

COVERED HEAD: There's no need to disclose your newfound purpose just yet. Remain discreet and build strength for the journey ahead. The task is solely yours, and revealing yourself might halt your progress.


Please feel free to share Bitcoin-related articles in the comments section, particularly those pertaining to its creation.

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