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The Popess, The High Priestess.


As an initiate, Satoshi might interpret The Seeker card as follows:

I am in a state of deep reflection and study, preparing for what lies ahead.

As The Seeker, I encourage you to expand your knowledge and bring your projects to completion. With me, take the time to learn while maintaining a connection with your intuition.

I guide you towards acquiring knowledge and understanding the intricacies of human nature.

In traditional tarot, The Seeker is known as The High Priestess, representing the feminine counterpart of the Pope. In the Bitcoin Tarot, I have renamed some cards to shed the traditional symbolism associated with the Piscean age and better reflect the Aquarian age we are transitioning into. This change aligns with Bitcoin's break from tradition.

The Seeker: Amidst darkness, light can be found. Bitcoin embodies hope. It was conceived with this intention - to offer a superior financial system and improved currency. Satoshi Nakamoto, its creator, embedded this aspiration in the blockchain at its inception. The aim was to empower individuals, rather than salvaging institutions after the 2008 financial crisis. Embrace becoming your own bank!

Bitcoin World:

The Seeker symbolizes the miners who play multiple roles. Miners secure the network, validate transactions, and are rewarded for their efforts. Operating on a decentralized system, these miners use computers known as ASICs that mine continuously. This process consumes electricity, which necessitates the sale of mined Bitcoin to cover operational costs, thus influencing Bitcoin's price.

When China imposed a ban on mining in June 2021, miners were forced to relocate. This caused a drop in the hash rate, which is the power used to secure the network. To fund their relocation, miners had to sell their Bitcoin holdings. It took six months to bring the ASICs back online and restore the hash rate to its pre-ban level.

There is a correlation between the hash rate and the price of Bitcoin. The entire market experienced a significant shift, plummeting from $65,000 to $28,000.

Miners extract Bitcoin, but every four years, the rewards are halved. With a cap of 21 million Bitcoins ever to be produced, this cryptocurrency is deflationary. The finite supply of Bitcoin contributes to its price increase as demand rises.

While miners may extract fewer Bitcoins over time, the value of these Bitcoins increases as the price escalates. For instance, a third of a Bitcoin mined now is worth 1000 times more than an entire Bitcoin mined in 2010.

In the future, miners' compensation will be less for mining and more for validating transactions. The cost of gas fees is likely to increase, offsetting the decreasing returns from mining.


Birds: These represent freedom.


This symbolizes light. It's positioned behind Satoshi, indicating that he needs to mine more intensively. To delve deeper into this metaphorical cave, he will need the lamp's light to illuminate his path in Bitcoin mining.


The golden hat signifies the invaluable intellect of Satoshi!


This represents the white papers. Satoshi had to explore deeply within himself and extract these insights from his own mind before he could start mining Bitcoin on Asics. The white papers are a product of Satoshi's self-exploration! The orange lines on the white papers have their own unique references, which I encourage you to explore for their meanings.


This is linked to THE MAGICIAN. The table only has three legs, with the fourth leg being in THE SEEKER card. This suggests that one must continue their journey to achieve stability. The beam supports the cave's roof, enabling Satoshi to mine the white papers! It also symbolizes the secured blockchain achieved through mining.


This represents hope on the horizon, painted in orange - the color of Bitcoin. Deep inside a dark cave, Satoshi delved within himself, hopeful of finding light at the end of the tunnel!

SHOVEL: Mining requires tools, effort, and energy. Satoshi initiated this process, and now over 10,000 miners have joined the endeavor.


Feel free to share articles related to Bitcoin in the comments section, particularly those that pertain to Bitcoin miners.

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