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The Popess, The High Priestess.



Satoshi might be saying walking through The Seeker card:

I am reflecting, studying, I am going deep within. I am getting prepared!

Me THE SEEKER, I invite you to deepen your knowledge and to bring to fruition your projects. With me, take the time to study while always keeping an eye on your intuition.

I bring you to acquire knowledge, understand human nature and all its secrets.

THE SEEKER in the traditional tarots is called THE HIGH PRIESTESS. She is the feminine side of the Pope. In the Bitcoin Tarot, I renamed some cards to lift off the old traditional symbolism related to the Piscean age to reflect more the Aquarian age we are entering. Bitcoin is a change with tradition.

The seeker: In darkness you can see the light. Bitcoin is hope. It was created in that objective. The hope of a better financial system. Better money. Satoshi wrote that much into the blockchain at its creation. Let's give people control again, rather then save the institutions after the 2008 financial breakdown. Become the bank!


THE SEEKER refers to the miners. Their job is multiple. They secure the network, validate transactions and get rewarded for there endeavor. Miners are decentralized. They operate computers that mine 24 hours 7 called Asic's. To mine they consume electricity. In order for the business to work, they have to sell the mined Bitcoin to pay for their cost of operations. So they do play a role in the price of bitcoin.

When China banned minors, they had to relocate. The harsh rate, power generated to secure the network, dropped. They had to sell their Bitcoin to relocate. That happened in June 2021. It took 6 months to get the Asics back online and get back to the June Harsh rate. There is a correlation between the hash rate and bitcoin price. As the whole market went from $65 000 to $28 000.

Minors mine bitcoin, but every 4 years rewards are divided by two. There will only be 21 million bitcoin. So Bitcoin is deflationary. The limit on how many bitcoin will be in existence makes the bitcoin price go up. The more demand, the more expensive it becomes.

So minors may mine less bitcoin, but as the bitcoin price rises. A third of a bitcoin now mined is worth 1000 times more than a whole bitcoin mined in 2010.

Later on minors will be paid not so much to mine but to validate transaction. The gas fees will probably get more expensive and balance out the diminishing mined returns.


Birds: Birds of freedom


Brings light. The lamp is behind Satoshi. He is going to have to mine/seek a lot more. So he will have to turn around to go deeper in that cave, the lamp is there to help him bring light to mining Bitcoin.


Golden hat representing the priceless mind of Satoshi!


The white papers. Satoshi had to dive deep into his mind. Seek deep into himself. Mine his own self to find the white papers. Before mining Bitcoin on Asics. Satoshi mind the white papers out of his own self! The orange lines in the white papers have their own reference, that I will let you search to find their meanings.


Connected to THE MAGICIAN. The table has only 3 legs. the 4th leg is in THE SEEKER card. It show that one has to keep going on his journey to find stability. That beam is holding the roof of the cave to allow Satoshi to mine the white papers! The beam also represent the secured blockchain through the act of mining.


The hope in the horizon. Painted orange. The bitcoin color. Deep into a dark cave, Satoshi dived deep into himself, with the hope of finding the light out of the tunnel!


The tools need to mine. It requires work and energy. Satoshi started the work, and now more than 10 000 miners picked up their shovel to keep mining!


Please feel free to add Bitcoin articles in the commentaries linking to Bitcoin Miners

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