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Satoshi, The Initiate, might interpret the Mother Earth card as follows:

"I merge with nature to pioneer a new paradigm; Bitcoin and Mother Nature are unified!"

Mother Earth invites you to utilize your communication skills to present your ideas, propelling your projects forward. By connecting with me, you acquire the ability to engage your audience effectively.

Now is the time for creation. Your surroundings provide the abundance necessary for comfort and nourishment, enabling you to bring your vision to life in the world. Inspiration is everywhere around you. Your strength lies in your ability to communicate effectively, understand people, articulate thoughts clearly, and deliver your ideas with elegance.


Is Bitcoin Environmentally Friendly?

I encourage you to explore the Kardashev Scale. For civilizations to flourish and progress, they need to generate more power at a lower cost. However, if power production is associated with pollution, power consumption becomes a problem. Consequently, we find ourselves striving to use less power instead of seeking ways to generate larger quantities of free and environmentally friendly energy. Power itself is not the issue. The issue lies not only in creation but also in our usage, which can be detrimental. Our consumption of resources is excessive; within a year, we consume more than what the Earth can provide. This leads to the concept of Earth Overshoot Day, which arrives increasingly earlier each year due to our unsustainable practices. There is significant mismanagement of commodities globally, largely because countries provide subsidies to indebted companies, keeping them afloat. These countries are able to do so due to their military protection, often exploiting global resources under this shield. The natural equilibrium of free markets is failing, leading to varying living standards based on one's country of birth. The Bitcoin standard addresses this issue by preventing the creation of money from thin air. All commodities would be priced in a single currency, causing the price of goods to become deflationary and cost less over time. However, concerns have been raised about the cost of Bitcoin mining and its electricity consumption. Mainstream media and their political supporters highlight that Bitcoin's energy use exceeds that of Argentina in a year, sparking widespread controversy. Apples should be compared to apples, not oranges. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that competes with other currencies such as the US dollar. The existence of the dollar requires banks, ATMs, and even wars to maintain the Petro-dollar. When you consider the cost of the US military, police, and banks, Bitcoin emerges as a more cost-effective, peaceful, and ecologically friendly alternative for money.

Moreover, due to the significant role electricity plays in its operations, miners are motivated to seek renewable energy sources. This is beneficial for the environment. They utilize resources like gas flares from oil rigs and harness wasted energy from unused power generated by electrical plants. This regulation of the electrical grid reduces the price of electricity, benefiting everyone. These are just two examples. I firmly believe that Bitcoin could be a solution to our environmental problems, and also contribute to creating a more peaceful earth.



The snake symbolizes the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It raises the question: what if the apple was never eaten? We need to understand this and live our lives accordingly.


Dogs are considered the best companions for humans, bringing joy and happiness.


The necklace with a cross pendant forms the Venus symbol, representing femininity, intuition, and feminine power. This power creates, infuses life, and unites humanity.


Leaves signify growth and vitality.


Humanity encompasses all people around the globe, united as one.


Nature is the origin of our world. We are born from nature, we are part of it, and ultimately, we return to it in death. Humans may sometimes consider themselves superior, but this is our shortcoming.


The global Bitcoin network, symbolized as an orange ocean, unifies the entire world. Imagine if we valued everything in terms of Bitcoin! This would allow the true value of life to be shared by everyone. In such a scenario, humanity would operate on the Bitcoin standard.


Please feel free to add Bitcoin articles in the commentaries linking to the ecological aspect of Bitcoin!

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