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Satoshi might be saying walking through The mother earth card:

I innovate with nature to create a new paradigm, Bitcoin & mother nature are one!

Me mother earth, invite you to use your communication talents to expose your ideas to people in order make your projects go forward. Connecting to me you possess the skills to seduce your interlocutor.

It is time to create. Your environment offers you the abundance you need to feel nurtured and comfortable so that you can manifest your vision in the world. Inspiration is all around you.

Your power resides in communication, in understanding people, in your intellectual capacity to express thoughts clearly, and in your elegant style of delivery of your thoughts.


Is Bitcoin Ecological?

I would entice you to read about the KARDASHEV SCALE. For civilization to grow and succeeded they need to create more power at a cheaper price. Now if the power is created along with pollution, power consumption has become the devil. So we find ourselves in a world where we try to use less power, rather than find a way to generate free ecological power in a bigger quantity. Power is not the devil. It is how it is created and how we use it that is the devil.

Because we also consume too much resources. In a year we as human consume more than what earth is offering. That is the earth overshoot day. And that day comes sooner and sooner in the year. There is big miss management of commodities in this world. That is because countries gives subventions to companies in debt, which keeps them alive. These countries can do that because of their military shield. They bully the world in stilling commodities. Thus the natural equilibrium of free markets are failing, and humans leave in different standard, depending in which countries they are born. The bitcoin standard fixes that. Because there is no creating money out of fine air. All commodities would be priced in the same currency. Price of goods would becomes deflationary. Cost less over the years rather than cost more.

What about the price of Bitcoin mining and the electricity it generates. Main stream media and politics that subvention them are pointing out that Bitcoin consumes more than the equivalent of all of Argentina in one year. And are screaming scandal! But apples need to be compared to apples, not oranges. What is Bitcoin? It is digital money. It competes again other currencies, like the $. What does it take for the $ to exist? It takes banks, ATM's and fighting wars to keep the Petro-dollar alive. If you add the price of the US military, police and banks. Bitcoin is a cheaper and more peaceful, better ecological way to have money!

Finally because the cost of electricity is important, minors seek out renewable energies. Environmentally beneficial. Like oil rig gas flairs. They also seek wasted energy like over power unused by electrical plants. This regulates the electrical grid, and brings the price of electricity down. It is a win for all. And these are only two examples.

I really do think that Bitcoin is an answer to fixing our environmental issues, and also creating a peaceful earth.



Reminds us of Adam and Eve on the branch. What is the garden of Eden, was always here. What if nobody ate the apple? We just needed to realize and live accordingly.


Best human companion, bring joy and happiness.


The cross around the neck with its necklass forms the venus symbol. It brings femininity, intuition, the feminin power. The feminine creates, infuses life, brings humanity together.


They represent growth and vitality


People around the globe all together as one.


This is the origin of our world. We come from nature, we are nature and we die in nature. Somehow humans may think themselves superior, but that is our failing.


The orange Bitcoin ocean, connects the entire earth. What if we priced everything in Bitcoin! Then the real value of life would be shared by all. Humanity would live on the Bitcoin standard.


Please feel free to add Bitcoin articles in the commentaries linking to the ecological aspect of Bitcoin!

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