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Satoshi might be saying walking through The Alchemist card:

I am building a new Renaissance, The Bitcoin Standard, Transforming currency into the best money ever created

Me the Alchemist, I invite you to build your future on solid bases. With me, take responsibility for your life, and do express your natural authority given by the natural law of the universe. Create stability in your life.

Bitcoin and the new renaissance of the world!

Using state-controlled money equates to being subservient to the state. Inflation is essentially a tax, and fiat money is based solely on accruing debt.

Bitcoin offers an opportunity to reclaim financial responsibility. Historically, banks have dominated the world, but now you have the power to be your own bank.

Just like the alchemist in the image stepping on fiat currency, you too can reclaim your power. Bitcoin has the potential to restore the natural laws of the universe, as opposed to the fabricated laws imposed by governments that bind us all.

During the Renaissance, many notable figures were persecuted and executed for their beliefs. Today, we recognize their courage in standing up for their convictions. Living in harmony with the universe's natural laws and adopting the Bitcoin standard can lead to becoming a modern Renaissance, or Vitruvian, Man.

Now, you can make a difference from behind your computer screen. By purchasing Bitcoin and rejecting fiat currencies, you have the power to change the world. Sound money is exponentially stronger than fiat money - by a factor of one billion.

Real influence occurs when you spend money, as it's your choice who benefits from your transactions. However, using fiat money only serves to enrich those who control it - namely, governments. With Bitcoin, you not only have the freedom to decide how to spend your money among peers, but you also have the power to impact the world positively. Using Bitcoin helps uplift individuals rather than governments.

Adopting the Bitcoin standard positions you as a modern-day renaissance man, a Vitruvian Man of sorts, fostering a better world. While others may own more Bitcoin than you, everyone plays by the same rules. There are no disparities as seen in fiat currency systems such as fractional banking, loan-to-debt ratio leverage, money printing, velocity, and interest rate control. These complexities are eliminated!

Let's all strive to be the Leonardos of the 21st century! Let's all embody the spirit of the Vitruvian Man, let's all be Satoshi!


Please feel free to share Bitcoin-related articles in the comments, linking to the impending Bitcoin renaissance:

The World of Bitcoin:

The renaissance of the world is upon us. Money, as ancient as civilization itself, has remained unchanged for centuries. Bitcoin represents a transformative evolution of money. It signifies the separation of money and state. It offers a decentralized, unregulated, and permissionless method for exchanging goods. Artists transformed into scientists during the Renaissance, revolutionizing our civilization through advancements in arts, technology, and science. Now, it's time for finance to experience its own Renaissance moment!

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