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Not investment advice!

I developed a few spread that I use when questioning myself on crypto investments. So much information is vital to a sound investment. Not one but many strategies employs TA, technical analysis and world events in order to make conscious choices. This uses our CONSCIOUS choice, but what about the unconscious?

The tarot spread can allow you to tap into the unconscious nature of our world.

A few rules apply to understand why it works:

-We are all one.

-Past/present/future happens all at once.

-All the knowledge of the universe like in a holographic images is contained in everything.

-There is no hazard, everything happens for a reason.

These rules creates a world where all information becomes reachable. You only have to tap into your unconscious mind and answer will reveal themselves.

That is where tarot spread come in play. When one create a frame of work, with intentions, the world will conspire to revealing you the answer. It is as if the answer was always there, but you needed only ask the question. Thus the well know "Ask and you shall receive".

There are a few steps to be taken before picking up cards to place on the spread.

There is no one answer as we are all different. If you have another way, feel free to share in the commentaries bellow.

To connect to the world unconscious mind, you need to expand your being to the whole of the universe. You can do so by imagining a beam of light going down to the center of the earth and feel a shift in sensations then send a beam up from the top of your head to the center of the universe. Fell the change of sensations. You will be connected to it all.

Then keeping the feeling, shuffle the Bitcoin Tarot deck and pull as many cards as needed for the spread that you intend to do.

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