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The Fool, The Jester, The Pilgrim, Le Mat, The Idiot, or The Innocent.


When the Initiate appears in a reading, it signifies the beginning of a new adventure or journey.

Satoshi, while traversing all 78 cards, might suggest:

"I am an unstoppable force...a madman or a genius! The choice is yours to make!"

As the Initiate, I encourage you to carve your own path, deviating from the well-trodden path and discarding preconceived notions and societal norms. Boldly express your freedom of thought. With me, embark on this journey and move forward; destiny will be your guide.

Maintain an open mind. Refrain from making all decisions about your path or forming assumptions about its nature before you set off. Stay open to surprises and unexpected opportunities. Anything can happen if you allow room for possibilities. Trust the universe to keep you safe, then bravely venture into the unknown world of Bitcoin.

Satoshi as the Initiator:

What does the name Satoshi mean?

The name Satoshi, primarily a male name of Japanese origin, means 'Intelligent History'. It's fascinating that this is precisely what blockchain does - it records transaction history in real-time, which cannot be rewritten. For the first time in human history, we will be able to look back at an unalterable record of transactions. The name Nakamoto carries significant meaning. "Naka" translates to human relationship, while "Moto" signifies the origin, the cause, or the foundation. Consequently, Satoshi Nakamoto could be interpreted as "The beginning of the written history of human relationships."

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym used by the presumed anonymous individual or group responsible for developing Bitcoin. They authored the Bitcoin white paper and created and deployed Bitcoin's original reference implementation. As part of this implementation, Nakamoto also conceived the first blockchain database. Satoshi could be either an individual or a group of people. I firmly believe that there is only one Satoshi, whose identity is shaped by his upbringing, experiences, and interactions with others, whether positive or negative. His intuition and sense of purpose led him to create Bitcoin. Once this mission was accomplished, he vanished, leaving behind the potential for a new era in humanity. Now, Bitcoin operates independently of Satoshi's influence. This is why we can all consider ourselves Satoshi. By purchasing some Sats, you become part of this journey and step into the role of The Initiate. Satoshi was the original initiator, but now we are all Satoshi!

I needed to draw Satoshi Nakamoto for the Bitcoin Tarot, and even tough it is more believable that Adam Back is Satoshi, when I read an article about a Satoshi Nakamoto found in L.A. I felt in love with the visual. That face is priceless: Me? Satoshi? No Way!!!!!

Beside that point of who Satoshi is or was, the creation of Bitcoin started by taking a leap of faith. THE INITIATE represent the leap of faith that it took to create Bitcoin. It did not happen in one day. Maybe even Satoshi himself would have made that face in the image if you had told him that he would create Bitcoin one day.

Bitcoin is the mixture of cryptography, code, blockchain, decentralization, cyberpunks philosophy of privacy, humanitarian values, permission less, all that created a digital monetary tool that anyone could use.

All these fields existed many years before the creation of Bitcoin. The magic was in putting it all together. You would probably also make that face if someone tough you were Satoshi! So what better person to use in The Bitcoin Tarot!

Whomever you a

re, Thank You Satoshi!!!


It is time to do some research and find new investment options.

There is no need to invest yet, but there is a need for discovery new investment possibilities in this ever exp

anding crypt world.

Opportunities are there to be found. If we are all Satoshi, what do you have to bring to the Bitcoin block chain?

What role are you going to play?

DYOR Do Your Own Research.

Are you going to take a leap of faith?

Are going to dive into the Bitcoin rabbit hole?


DOG: Friendship

STICK: alive piece of wood with leaves, show the new journey taken.


CLIFF: Uncertainty

WATERFALL: Unstoppable debt


enewing. The old must go to make place for a new begining

BIRDS: Birds of peace. Through there flight you can feel the freedom. The orange olive branch in there bic, represent Bitcoin as the peace creator.

BAG: Satoshi takes on his journey all that is need to create Bitcoin

STAFF: Shows that there will be help on his journey. That the journey is a long one. A staff represent his power and assertiveness and his magic.



Words added by Satoshi in the Bitcoin Code into the blockchain put there by Satoshi:

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