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Welcome to Bitcoin Tarot E-Blog

Bitcoin education in 78 different Tarot cards Randomly pick a card a day and reclaim your self-sovereignty

All tarot cards always come with the little sheet, a companion booklet or a bigger book.

Bitcoin tarot will have its own live E-Blog!

I quickly realized that putting information in a printed form made no sense for the Bitcoin Tarot.

First because Bitcoin is a digital asset. So why not use a digital mean to relay the information.

And second because Bitcoin is so new and that there is so much to say that the booklet would be a book and the book would need continuous updating and reprinting.

A live blog format will allow to keep updating each card, add new blog post, like spread, stories and educational subjects, but also add videos. It brings the information to life.

Finally it makes the information reachable in a click of a link.

But even better create an interaction between the tarot card buyers, create a community, where you can comments bellow the blogs. Add your interesting stories and fun articles on Bitcoin that you read.

So suddenly the inert form of a book, becomes alive!


Did you buy the tarot card yet?

Have you picked a card yet today?

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