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Welcome to Bitcoin Tarot E-Blog

Educate yourself about Bitcoin through 78 unique Tarot cards. Choose a card daily to reclaim your self-sovereignty.

While traditional tarot cards usually come with a small information sheet, companion booklet, or a larger book, Bitcoin Tarot will have its own live E-Blog!

I quickly realized that presenting information in print form didn't align with the nature of Bitcoin Tarot.

Firstly, as Bitcoin is a digital asset, it's more logical to use digital means to disseminate the information.

Secondly, due to the novelty of Bitcoin and the extensive information surrounding it, any accompanying booklet would rapidly expand into a full-fledged book. This book necessitates regular updates and reprints due to Bitcoin's rapidly evolving nature. The live blog format allows for continuous updates, new blog posts, spreads, stories, educational topics, and video content.

This method not only brings the information to life but also makes it easily accessible with a single click.

More importantly, it encourages interaction among tarot card buyers by fostering a community where you can comment on blogs.

Feel free to share your captivating stories and insightful articles about Bitcoin.

Suddenly, what was once a static book becomes dynamic!

Welcome to the Bitcoin Tarot E-Blog!

Have you bought your tarot card yet?

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